Do You Know Why People Aren't Making Money With Foreclosures?

This Is The Best Way To Learn How To Buy Foreclosures Without Getting Yourself Into A Loser Property And Start Making Money Now!

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Gain access to our online video training course with worksheets and case studies for purchasing foreclosure properties. We go in depth on how the whole process works and what NOT to buy as well as evaluating properties that will make you money. Don't get stuck with a loser property, learn how to buy the right way.




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Don't Buy A Loser Property

I have bought some wonderful, profitable houses and flipped them. I have also bought some properties that were a ball and chain around my neck and I wished I had never purchased. They were loser properties and I would have given my right arm to have not made that purchase. Getting the daily email lets know plan out which are the best properties to focus your attention on.

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  • How Foreclosures Work

    Do you really know how the foreclosure process works?  Get informed so you know when it’s the right time for you to jump in and get a property.

  • Putting Your Plan Together

    Just running out and buying the first property that you get emotionally tied to buying is not a PLAN.  Learn how to select the right property to get the most return.

  • Buying at the Courthouse Steps

    I’ll take you through a live auction and show you how to bid on a property so you’ll be prepared when you actually go and bid on one.

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  • Loans on Properties

    Learn what kinds of loans are affected by a foreclosure and which ones stay and which ones get wiped clean during the process.

  • Finding Foreclosures

    Where have you been looking for foreclosures?  Learn the best way to research properties online for FREE with public information and get up-to-date lists of real properties that are actually going to be sold.

  • Case Studies

    I’ll show you case studies for actual foreclosures I’ve bought and all the numbers for how much it cost to purchase, in some cases renovate, and then sell or hold as rental.  The numbers tell the real story of success or failure.

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